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Would you like to intervene in the course of great battles? In Make War you have to play for an aliens, which have access to the thread of time. From the natural thirst for blood or simply out of boredom, they decide to send their troops and various weapons to the battlefield. Interventions begin in 991 in the Battle of Maldon. Vikings and Anglo-Saxons are the first, whose glorious battle will be disrupted by an alien invasion. Make War is a sandbox in which you can place a variety of weapons on the battlefield to perform various tasks. In the course of their implementation will open new weapons and troops.

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Make War is released in Early Access to Steam


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its Beautiful game i loved the Idea,  Art and Gameplay ...
regardless of some issues, its a Fun game and i'm almost finish it

What an amazing game, the comment on this page are so bad, this is original, cool graphic, cool mechanism, different content with many weapon and different formation of the vicking/knight.

And in addition, the callenges are diverse and easy to meet at the beginning, and end much harder in the end.

Congratulation for this game ^^

You should try to improve english. Some of the texts are even in russian.


You should make a discord.


Game freezes when the enemy troops are reset to the next formation, requiring a close and reopen of the game.


Yep, we know about this bug. sorry


I downloaded the game but don't know how to play it


Try pass tutorial and check targets in left side. This is sandbox


to play the game download it then move it to a new file (prob one without anything it) then double click the game


can you upload a 32-bit version ?


sorry, but game already moved to another milestone and we can't upload new, but after we create new demo I will upload two versions




Some parts of the game are written in Cyrillic & those that aren't have really bad grammar.


Hmmmm... So I think this game has an excellent dynamic and could be fun to play. The soldiers look awesome. But all the aliens stuff is just weird and doesn't make any sense.

With a game like this with such cool graphics and that runs really well, I would personally like to see some type of game with a sandbox feature where you could place troops and units on the board and watch them fight. You could have a lot of fun with different types of troops - Vikings, Romans, Cavalry, Tanks, Cannons, Snipers, Musketeers, etc...


You are the Alien that intercepts the battles of history. I think what motivated the creation of this game is the theories of aliens controling humanity in the background, etc. 


Yes, something like that. Humanity for aliens just like a pets or kind of entertainment in this game